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How We Are Protecting You During The Pandemic.....

Updated: May 14, 2021

How Salon Sixteen Is Protecting You During The Pandemic

Our staff is taking care of themselves to better take care of you! Therefore, we have taken extra safety precautions in and around our salon.


Services are by appointment only.

Our staff will not come to work if we are experiencing cold, flu or fever symptoms.

Our hands are washed and sanitize frequently as well as before and after each client.

We ask that if you have traveled to another state/country outside of Maryland within two weeks of your appointment, that you reschedule after quarantining for 14 days.

All Staff is required to where their masks while preforming services, checking in and out clients or walking thru the salon.

All Clients must wear their mask while inside the salon. Please do not remove your mask to talk to fellow clients or staff.

All surfaces- workstations, chairs, counter tops, door knobs, bathrooms etc are cleaned and sanitized & disinfected regularly.

All capes, robes & towels are cleaned and sanitized for each client's use.

No signature required for debit or credit payments. Envelopes are available for your cash tip.

All staff has been Barbicide certified!

We want your feedback. Let us know how we are doing! Thank you for your understanding and patience!


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