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AlfaParf Hair Mask
What Conditioning Hair Mask Is Right For Me?

Shopping for the right conditioning hair mask can seem like such a daunting task. Is it too light? Is it going to be too greasy? Will it help with my frizz? That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate which is best for you.



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Color Care by Rhonda Pilarski, Salon Sixteen
Rhonda Pilarski - Master Stylist & Owner

Box color and bleach will leave you spotty and botched up, which will leave you worse than where you started — and potentially risk the integrity of your hair. If you use these, you may face a corrective color & spend a whole lot more than if you had your hair professionally colored.

Please don’t overdo the heat on your blow-dryers and styling appliances. Let your hair dry naturally and see how it looks. Scrunch it to find new added body and curl that you never knew existed.

Use the right hair products. We recommend color protecting shampoos and conditioners as well as a heat protecting spray before you style your hair.

Needing a touch up but not quite ready for full color: Salon Sixteen offer "To The Rescue" service. We just touch up your part lines and around your face to get you to your next service date. Can't get to the Salon? Rhonda recommends WOW Root cover up. It has many uses aside from gray coverage, it makes thinning hair look thicker by concealing a wide part receding hairline, covers gray in eyebrows, platinum can be used in part to stretch your highlights! We sell all 8 colors at Salon Sixteen.

Try not to wash your hair every day and always wear a hat while you’re out in the sun. This will ensure your existing color remains truer longer. Use a spray in UV protectant.

Call our salon today for a free color consultation!

SALON SIXTEEN 443-513-4248 | 16 Broad Street, Berlin

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